Rockwall County Real Estate

Rockwall County is the smallest of the twelve counties encompassed by the vibrant Dallas/Fort Worth Metropolitan area. In fact, Rockwall County is the smallest county in area in the entire State of Texas. Although small in size, Rockwell's inclusion in the Metroplex, and the county's location, only 23 miles east of Dallas, assures it's economic growth. Despite Rockwall's location so close to the dynamics of Dallas, the County has managed to maintain it's small-town charm and urban liveability.

Homes For Sale in Rockwall County

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Rockwall County Homes for Sale

The homes for sale across the neighborhoods in Rockwall County come in different styles and designs, with some of them featuring huge amenities that come in very reasonable sizes. Options on townhomes, condos and apartments are also available, with numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms depending on the actual property.

This county in Texas is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Texas Metropolitan Statistical Area, and it is named as among the top 25 fastest growing counties in the country. It was listed as the 6th wealthiest county in all of Texas, which means that investing a property in this area is a good choice, considering the green pasture offered in the area.

Rockwall County Real Estate Listing

The Rockwall County homes for sale are spread across a number of beautiful neighborhoods. To name some, this includes Chandlers Landing, Sonoma Verde, Lakeside Village, Stone Creek, and Shores North, among several others. Options on the houses include those with contemporary designs, mostly single and detached units, while others can also enjoy the modern style living of condo units and apartments.

The homes for sale in Rockwall County are accessible to different locations within the area. This includes business centers, employment districts, as well as schools for children. Among them are the Grace Hartman Elementary School, J W Williams Middle School, Rockwall Independent School District, Virginia Reinhardt Elementary School, Herman E Utley Middle School, and the Rockwall High School.

Rockwall County Home Values

The home values of the homes for sale in Rockwall County offer a wide range, within $200,000 to $700,000. On top of that, other additional expenses can also be anticipated, including the homeowner’s association fees, and the property taxes. The value depends on the actual property worth, and other factors as well. These prices may also change from time to time, depending on the need and requirements.