Texana Townhomes

Anyone looking for unique, high class and lots of square footage should take a look at the Texana Townhomes. They have a lot to offer and although you have the space of somewhere in the suburbs you are actually only minutes from downtown Fort Worth. The exterior appearance gives them an expensive flair with the chestnut and brick.

One of the best features of these townhomes is that they are newly built and therefore have modern features such as stainless steel kitchen appliances. The kitchens are high end and have custom built cabinets, granite countertops and gas for the stove. In the living run there is also a fireplace that is run on gas.

All of the Texana Townhomes include a two car garage that can be reached from the rear part of the property so that it doesn't even take away from the front appearance. There are also private courtyards, wooden doors and oak staircases with railing.

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