One Montgomery Plaza

If you are in hunt to find the best condos, then Montgomery Plaza Condos will be the best choice. The amenities will include the wide spacey balconies, well furnished kitchens, 2 baths, and the adjacent signing Suburban Square. The best of all is that, Montgomery Plaza Condos grants 2 or 3 bedrooms that has complete range of 2 full spacey bathrooms. Every Montgomery Condos is designed with wide and spacious balcony that has sliding glass doors. These sliding glass doors bring in fresh light and air into the living place.

Condos at One Montgomery Plaza

Yet another additional feature of these condos is that, all tenants can avail the Gym fitness center. This sound to be interesting and of course exciting! The elevators are available, whereby you never have to get down on stairs every time. It is actually tiresome to climb the stairs up and down because they make you even tired. Montgomery Plaza Condos gives you quick access to Farmers Market, dining nights, Trader Joes and lot more shops in the Suburban Square.