Dallas & Fort Worth Property Management

Property management firms are well worth the cost of their services to owners of multiple retail and/or residential properties. Well established and experienced Dallas property Management companies have the knowledge to perform the multitude of required tasks and assume the myriad and time-consuming responsibilities that are part and parcel of property ownership.

Choosing the right Dallas property management company requires a careful consideration and investigation of the firm's expertise and track record of handling the specific type of properties involved. For example, property management companies usually specialize in the handling of certain kinds of properties, such as retail properties or residential properties, including single-family or apartment complexes. Some Dallas property management companies are well-versed in home owner association (HOA) issues which can often be contentious and complex.

  • Property management firms can perform such important functions as:
  • Marketing properties to potential tenants
  • Performing background checks of potential renters
  • Lease and related agreement preparation Advertising vacancies Thorough knowledge of landlord/tenant legalities
  • Pricing property units relative to comparative properties in the area
  • Property maintenance and repair (interior and exterior)
  • Rent collection Payment of utilities, mortgages and taxes
  • Tracking of income versus expenses
  • Responding to tenant requests, problems, emergencies, etc.
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable of applicable municipal, county and state laws and practices
  • Act as liaison between tenant and landlord in the negotiation of pre-arranged services
  • Negotiation of landlord tenant disputes
  • Property security maintenance
  • Initiating eviction proceedings

Property management fees are negotiable, and are based upon the services performed.