Texas Tiny Houses are on the Rise

Texas is definitely one of the states you can call home. Having lots of affordable but diversified lands, harmonious communities, unflagging sunshine, and interactive indoor and outdoor lifestyle, there is no wonder why a lot of people are eyeing a home in the Lone Star State where they can happily live together with their family. And given that demand, Texas tiny houses have been very prominent and are noticeably on the rise.

Tiny houses may look small in their typical size of not more than 400 square feet. However, the extensive publicity, as well as the sophistication that embody them, are remarkable. A lot of people are driven by the inventive and minimalist concepts of these tiny houses. Many are attracted to the simplicity of living emphasized by this type of house.

Although Texas tiny houses only take less than one percent of the real estate transactions throughout the country, they have spawned everything in TV shows and viral lists. Homeowners are adopting these tiny houses as a valuable trade-in for a less stressful and affordable way of living. With the modernization of the world, many people still prefer to streamline their lives. They want to live in smaller houses and enjoy living with less. Thus, the concept of Texas tiny houses is to provide less home but more life.

Rising Demand of Texas Tiny Houses

Although West Coast has been consistent in dominating the tiny house market, it has been noticeable how Texas tiny houses rise as prominent choices. Texas tiny houses do not go higher than 400 square feet. With the limited size, it would be needless to say that homeowners of tiny houses in Texas have to innovative.

Basically, there are three factors behind the popularity of tiny houses:

1. People are Looking for Affordable Housing

The housing crisis that took place in 2008 had a serious impact on the people. A lot of people lost their homes, their jobs, and their savings. And because of that, there was an extreme requirement for affordable housing. Obviously, smaller houses will cost lesser when building or fixing up as compared to the bigger houses. Hence, if you only have a house with a size that does not exceed 400 square feet, you can save thousands of money when planning to tile your floor.

2. Current Lifestyle Movements

What happened in 2008 has also affected the lifestyle of the people and it also altered the priorities of the people. A lot of people realized that they want to liberate themselves from the financial burden, be free from debts, and be more passionate about caring for the environment. The concept of tiny houses promotes these things.

3. Media

Bloggers, news websites, and TV networks manage to thrive in their business by introducing new content. Obviously, tiny houses certainly emerged from the conventional. They have given the editors and journalists a lot of interesting content while providing a solution to what the millions of people are searching online from 2010 to 2013.

Furthermore, there are several attractions to tiny houses and some of them are the following:

  • They are contemporary
  • They are cute They are built to be environmental-friendly
  • They can liberate the homeowners from debts sooner
  • Rental property investors can generate income
  • Limits the number of people in the house

Cost Involved when Living in a Tiny House

Although people can find some extremes in tiny houses, an average tiny home can cost home buyers around $70,000.

Furthermore, shed-type shells can range from $20,000 to $55,000 while finished manufactured homes can cost more than $100,000. Moreover, you should know that these amounts will normally not include the purchase cost or land rent, building permits, impact fees, shipping, getting a connection to a power grid, septic tank installation, and water well installation. If included, these features can add thousands of dollars.

Also, you may have to spend more money for the payment of the contractors who will finish the construction, and establish a concrete slab foundation. You may also have to build stairs and stilts to elevate your property and this can cost you around $7,000.

Finding a Tiny House in Texas

The good thing about finding a tiny house in Texas is that there are several tiny home builders and there are also several resale properties featured in the market. It is needless to say that you have an expert realtor to guide you in the evaluation of the legality of the property. Doing so will also help you determine whether the property is a good and safe investment. A reputable realtor can also help you compare the available options to make sure that you maximize your money.

Likewise, you will still need a reliable realtor if you are planning to sell a tiny house. You will have to collect the numbers if you intend to sell your house as a rental property. You must establish the legality of your property. You will also need a realtor to help you find an all-cash buyer, except if you are planning to seller finance the property.


Texas tiny houses are cool. Despite their cute sizes, anyone would agree that they can be spectacular. They can come with plenty of benefits and this is the reason why they are noticeably on the rise. They are so popular that more and more builders are starting to design their own designs of tiny houses. However, it is still recommended that you seek the help of an expert such as VIP Realty to help you do the calculations so you will know what you are about to get. Remember that one of your reasons for choosing a tiny house is to save. Hence, you have to make sure you get the right house.

You will surely appreciate the help of VIP Realty as they can help you determine whether a particular tiny house is a better investment compared to a conventional home. Do not hesitate to reach out to the agents of VIP Realty and ask for help with purchasing a tiny house in Texas.

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