Highland Park Best Suburb in Dallas?

Highland Park Best Suburb in Dallas?

Many would agree that Highland Park is the best suburb in Dallas, Texas. Some may hesitate to accept this fact because of the high cost of living associated with Highland Park. But when it comes to the community itself, involving its homes and amenities, you can say that it is simply the best place you can live in. Its reputable schools, hedge-lined streets, and plenty of elegant shops characterize the convenience of the community.

Highland Park is situated in Dallas County and is known to be one of the best places in Texas where you and your family can live. The place is not very crowded as it only has a population that does not exceed 10,000. You will also love the family-friendly environment in this community. Your children will also love living here.

Why Own a Home in Highland Park

Highland Park is mostly known for its extravagant homes and beautiful residential street. There are lots of activities in the area that can be enjoyed by the residents. Families can go out to have a Sunday stroll. Or they can go out shopping or dine out in any of the local restaurants.

When you decide to settle in Highland Park, you will experience a deep suburban feel. Most of the residents in this community actually own their homes. Yes, there is nothing wrong with renting a home, however, you will typically not see that similar pride of ownership if you only rent your home. You will see the lawns beautifully trimmed. In fact, everything in the area looks incredibly gorgeous! Hence, the pride of ownership is certainly a big deal in this community.

Other Reasons Why Highland Park is a Perfect Place for You

Aside from the luxurious homes in Highland Park, its amenities are another highlights of the community. People in the community never get bored as there are plenty of amenities that they can use in the area. Whether you are living with a family with children or just you and your wife or husband, there is always a venue that could make your stay truly enjoyable and satisfying.

Highland Park has many things to offer. So, what are the amenities you can expect if you live in Highland Park?

  • Highland Park Village

Highland Park Village is the oldest shopping mall situated outdoor in the entire US. If you are planning to buy luxury items and designer labels, then Highland Park Village can be your best destination.

  • Community Park

Being one of the most exclusive suburbs, there is no doubt that Highland Park is an ideal place to live in, and one of the prominent reasons for it is because of its parks. Residents here would agree that Highland Park exhibits the best park in the entire state. You will definitely love the community park in Highland Park. Most of the time, you can find here some birds and ducks. There are lots of mature trees that provide shades to strollers. If you find the cost of the homes here too expensive but want to check the park, you can still visit and relish the amazing parks that this community offers. It will be worth your time and you will surely have a great time here. Every park in the community is highlighted with some amazing sculptures and other beautiful artworks. The details and features that are seen throughout the city are simply amazing! Perhaps that is one thing that you can get when you live in a first-class community. Lakeside Park, in particular, is absolutely gorgeous. It lays on 14 acres and it is excellently polished. There are plenty of benches throughout the area to accommodate many strollers. So, if you want to go out on a Sunday and spend time with the family, Lakeside Park is highly recommended. The views here are breathtaking and relaxing.

  • Various Restaurants

Regardless of your mood, Highland Park offers everything you need. There are various restaurants and the best fine dining in the Highland Village. Indulge yourself by tasting those sumptuous foods in some of the popular restaurants in the area.

  • Nice Police Station

The police station in Highland Park is also a highlight of the community, although the construction of this station is not to attract more crimes and criminals. For the sake of architecture and design, the police station in Highland Park is one place you might want to check.

If for any reason, you get yourself in trouble, you may have a bitter-sweet experience of this feature. The police station may remind you of the movie “Beverly Hills Cop” where the police station is incredibly gorgeous. Highland Park is the version of Beverly Hills in Texas.

The presence of the police station should not give you the impression of more crimes in the area. In fact, one thing that could convince you in moving to Highland Park is the low crime rate. Hence, the probability of you becoming a victim of violence is very minimal. Highland Park is literally one of the safest communities in the Lone Star State.

  • Highland Park Independent School District

Another thing that makes Highland Park an ideal place to live in is the Highland Park Independent School District. It is one of the best ISP’s in the entire Texas state. So if you have kids in the family, Highland Park is the best community that you can call home.

  • Tax Rates

The tax rates in Highland Park are around 0.23 for every $100 of assessed valuation of the entire taxable property. Highland Park has been rated as the second richest city in Texas. The average income per household in this community is more than $200,000.

Moreover, the median listing home price in Highland Park is $2.2M. This means that Highland Park homes are a lot more expensive compared to the US median.


With the incredible features and amenities in Highland Park, it is very easy to discern why a lot of people are living here and enjoy a stroll to the neighborhood. You will also love the architecture of the homes as well as the picturesque landscaping.

It is very evident that Highland Park is a beautiful community. From the park to the matured trees to driving to the neighborhood, everything in this place is simply excellent. It is needless to say that Highland Park is absolutely one of the best cities in the entire state of Texas. If you are planning to relocate to Dallas Fort Worth metroplex or anywhere in Texas, Highland Park should be one of your considerations. If you have a friend who is living in Highland Park, you can ask him or her directly so you can have direct information about the place.

You can ask the help of a reputable realty to help you find the best home in the area. As long as you are ready to meet the pricing home options, you can expect the entire process of homeownership to go smoothly and easily. Despite the high cost of homes, every detail in this community can justify every cent that you will have to shell out when living in Highland Park.

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I travel around the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex ever single day.
The Highland Park area is definitely the most unique of all the residential areas in the metroplex.
The cost of living is definitely higher however. I agree with the author. it is well worth the price.
The Highland Park area has always brought me peace and it will continue to do so. If you have the means to buy real-estate in Highland Park I strongly suggest you do so despite the high cost of living and daily commute.

Posted by Tino on Thursday, October 14th, 2021 at 8:42am

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