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Tioga, Texas is located in the southwest corner of Grayson County. The town was brought to life in 1881 with the coming of the Texas and Pacific Railway. Tioga's water was once thought to have healing properties, causing several bottlers of Tioga mineral water to establish bottling plants. The water's reputation attracted many health seekers for quite a few years until the enthusiasm began to dim in the thirties. For more information about the Tioga area, and Tioga TX homes for sale, click here.

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Tioga is still remembered however, as the birthplace of Hollywood's first singing cowboy, film star Gene Autry. In fact, Gene Autry Day is celebrated every September with a festival ball and benefit auction.

Tioga Housing Market

Tioga lies within the Sherman-Denison Metropolitan area, which provides employment for most Tioga commuters, whose travel time averages some 30 minutes. Tioga is additionally within reasonable driving distance of even larger population centers such as Plano (31.2 miles) and Dallas (47.1).

It seems a certainty that Tioga will eventually experience the growth that has caught up with other small municipalities in fast-growing Northern Texas, and Tioga homes for sale with steeply escalate in value.

Tioga Realtors

Currently, there are some very nice homes for sale in Tioga. However, every home must be carefully evaluated as to its worth as compared to the seller's asking price. VIP Realty, your Tioga realtor, has the expertise to do these evaluations for you. We are expert realty consultants and negotiators and will help you find the right home at the right price.