The Colony Real Estate

The Colony, Texas is located in Denton County. In the late 1960s developers decided to purchase raw land in the area and build a colony of single-family homes, thus the name The Colony came into being. Now a mixed-use and vibrant community, The Colony was officially incorporated as a city in 1977, and is now home to a number of high-profile corporations, including Pizza Inn. For more information about the The Colony area, and The Colony TX homes for sale, click here.

The Colony Homes For Sale

The Colony real estate continues to gain value directly in relation to the city's growth as a community and workplace, and as more business locate here many housing developments are being built to satisfy demand.

Now is the perfect time to buy a home in The Colony. Many nicely-appointed single-family homes are being offered at prices ranging in the  mid $100,000s with average asking prices at $300,000s. Naturally there are many listings above these figures as well, depending upon the varied factors of size, location, upgrades, etc. Consult your realtor to find the right home for you.

The Colony Realtors

No matter whether you are buying or selling a home in The Colony, you must be able to ascertain a realistic buying or selling price for the property. Without this knowledge a seller will probably overprice or sometimes even under price his property, and a buyer may pay more for a house than the property is actually worth. Only a licensed, experienced realtor with intimate knowledge of the area has the wherewithal to properly evaluate the worth of any particular property. We, at VIP Realty have the knowledge and the tools required to perform this service. Buyers and sellers, make sure you are on the right track with the guidance of VIP realty, The Colony realtor you need. Contact us today at: 214-295-4888.