How most large real estate brokerages Work

So where does the Broker Commission go? Do you think it goes back out to market the agents? The majority of the time No! Most brokerage firms' commissions are used to recruit more agents. Why do you think some or most real estate brokerages have 200-300 agents, because they have an overflow of business that they cannot handle. No, not at all. Most of those 200-300 agents are most likely closing about 4-8 deals per year. We realized that large real estate brokerages with their fancy images are all about themselves and not the agent. Branding is extremely important for any company; this is what these large Real Estate brokerages spend their money on, branding the name of the brokerage firm, NOT THEIR REALTORS.

You gave your brokerage 30%-50% to help them brand their name and what did you get in return? OH, that's right. You get to put their logo on your business cards & for sale signs.

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