Success Stories


"I am extremely grateful to have joined VIP Realty. After joining Century 21 and barely making it with my marketing, I was blown away with VIP Realty`s lead generation system and tools. Several months into joining I`ve had my greatest month ever, with over 7 contracts in escrow!"

~Bobby Middelton

"I worked 7 days a week and 12 hr days. Previously I burned through my cold call list praying just to find a few new prospects a week. Now I`m getting over flooded with new leads daily! I`m just grateful I didn`t get burned out before joining VIP Realty."

~Kevin Casey

"I joined VIP Realty primarily because I already knew the ownership group and had done business with them in the past. I knew that they would be supportive in helping me pursue & achieve my goals."

~Adrienne Gill

"After being with one the largest and most known real estate brokerages in Dallas, it's easy to compare VIP Realty against other brands - there is no comparison. Leads and more leads. No office fees. FREE contact management tools, and a mentoring program and best of all an awesome work environment."

~Gracie Bien

"VIP Realty is Great! This is where I began my real estate career and this is where I plan to stay until I retire. Our brokerage is more like a family and teamwork is always stressed and applied. I have friends/colleagues that have been in real estate for years, it s always fun to hear them ask how are you selling more than us, you must be spending $1,000s in marketing"

~Christine Schwirtz