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Tips When Preparing for Photos

  • Your house should look like a furniture catalog. Truly as if no one lives there. It should be as clean as humanly possible. Less is definitely more! Very nicely organized family photos on the wall are ok. Very few if any table frames should be out.
  • ****REMEMBER: We don't typically shoot closets or garages!! You can hide as much as you want in those places. Try not to hide things under the bed. You can see under the bed in many of our photos.***
  • Front Exterior- No realtor signs, pamphlet boxes, or Supra Locks. No cars parked in front or in the driveway. No un-spooled garden hoses. No security system signs, flags, personal signs i.e. drillteam or sports signs.
  • Back Yard- No unspooled garden hoses, no clutter/toys/dog-toys, no pool cleaning equipment, remove pool cleaner “aqua-bot”, Picnic table umbrella's usually best closed **Also bring rolling trash cans into the garage if possible.


  • All lights on including lamps.
  • All fans off (to avoid blur motion).
  • All blinds open for optimal sunshine.
  • Take EVERYTHING off the refrigerator (photos, documents, magnets)
  • Hide all remote controls, hide all electrical cords as much as possible including computer cords, cellphone charge cords.
  • All TVs off, all computer monitors off.
  • All “product” hidden ESPECIALLY GLASS DOOR STAND UP SHOWERS (bottle soap, air-freshener, bath products including shampoo, body wash, conditioner, body scrubbing tools. deoderant, toothpaste, bar soap).
  • All bathroom appliances hidden (including toothbrushes electric or otherwise)
  • All trashcans hidden (large and small)
  • No dishes (even in the sink)
  • If possible hide all pet related items including food bowls and kennels.