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Top 5 condo buildings in Dallas for 2017

Posted by VIP Realty on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 3:47pm.

If you have a small fortune and are looking to make a good investment which would reap great benefits for you and your loved ones in the future, then purchasing Dallas condos would be the way to go. The thing about living in condos is that it introduces you to a completely different style of living. Once you start living in a condo, you would come to realize as to how vastly different it is than living in single detached homes. In simple words, you might actually even become quite spoilt for choice. This is because once you start to live in a condo, you might not actually like living anywhere else.

Dallas condos for sale

Now, in the case of high rise condos in Dallas, you would find majority of them to be situated in or near downtown Dallas. In here, you would be able to find one which seems to live up to your requirements and expectations.

On the other hand, another problem which seems to arise is that when you go to ask any good and reputable realtor about condos, their reply would be about the “best” ones. However, that does not help to solve your problem in any way. It is because of this reason that we have taken it upon ourselves to get to the bottom of it. So, read on below to find out some of the best condos that you would be able to find in Dallas. In addition, we would also be providing you with the extra insight about why this might seem like the best option.

Soco urban lofts building

Nominated for Best condos in Dallas, you would immediately be able to understand that there is something special about it. Despite the fact that this building was here for more than hundred years, it has recently been remodeled to just accommodate lofts. So upon entering, lofts are all that you would be able to find. Two story penthouse loft units are located at the top floor with an entertainment area and a swimming pool at the top of the building.

Azure condo building

When looking for Dallas condos, you could also think to take a look at Azure condo building. Thanks to it being modern, sleek, and classy, it is also the home of several celebrities. Standing 31 stories tall, the building has been covered in a glass skin and built to very specific modernist standards.

Drexel highlander building

The reason why Drexel highlander seems to be so well-liked by everyone is because it seems to remind people of the expensive brownstones in New York City. The reason why it is also special is because the buyers would be able to find traditional paint colors and schemes, stone flooring, large kitchens, and open living areas.

Mayfair at Turtle Creek building

In terms of high rise condos in Dallas, Mayfair is one of those buildings which both looks and acts expensive. Located in the heart of Uptown, it is something which is both hard to miss and beat.

Museum Tower condos

Lastly, the Museum Tower is currently at 42 stories and simply breath-taking. So, if you are looking to work downtown but also want luxury, this would be the perfect place to go.

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