Things You Should Know When Moving To Texas

It comes with no surprise to see a lot of people huddling to the Lone Star State. Texas, being the second highly populated in the United States, is also one of the biggest and most rapidly-growing states. Surely, there are plenty of reasons why you should love living in Texas – from the delectable beef brisket to the flourishing economy.

Although finding a home in Texas can be so much fun and exciting, there is no assurance that all things can go smoothly. Thus, you can expect to encounter some challenges. We have gathered some of the frequently asked questions when moving to Texas to give you the advantage of the early start.

What are the Most Frequently Asked Questions when Moving to Texas?

1. Are there brand new homes for sale in Texas with some acreage and only cost under $300,000?

We understand that some people have a certain budget to follow when buying a home in Texas. Unfortunately, if you want to buy a brand new home in the area at a price below $300,000, then you may probably not see such property.

Frankly speaking, homes are simply not given away in Texas. You could have been misled by the wrong information you are getting from plenty of websites saying that there are several homes for sale sold at a very cheap price. Most people who are planning to move to Texas would conduct research first and unfortunately, some of them come up with unrealistic expectations. They think that they can buy a home for around $300,000. However, that is just not the actual scenario – at least, not in most metro areas.

You can rarely find a brand new home with such an amount. If there is a chance that you can find a brand new home under $300,000, this property is most likely located on the boundary of the metro areas. It is realistic to say that you can never buy brand new homes under $300,000 in town.

Nevertheless, with the most credible realty, as they can help you with the negotiation and come up with the best price possible while considering your terms and conditions.

2. What are the most recommended suburbs to live in if you are moving with a family?

There are several places to live in if you are with a family. You can check the following suburbs and see which one is most suitable for you and your family:

  • Coppell, Texas

Coppell is definitely a promising place in Texas for people with a family. Children can take advantage of the reputable school district. Children can also engage in different activities since there are parks in the area.

You will also love the family-friendly environment in Coppell. In fact, Coppell has been ranked as the best suburb in Texas to live in and got the fourth rank for being the best suburb with public schools in Texas.

  • Southlake, Texas

Southlake is another great place for the family. The school districts here are also great. Some of the most beautifully built homes in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex are found in Southlake. So, if you are aiming to live in a huge estate with large lots, living in Southlake would make a perfect choice. The place also has numerous shopping and restaurants.

  • Frisco, Texas

If your children are a fan of baseball and soccer, Frisco has a lot of sporting activities that could please your kids. They feature some of the most incredible fields in DFW. Many would agree that Frisco is the best city in Collin County.

The school district is also promising in Frisco. Surely, there are plenty of things to love about living in Frisco.

  • Highland Park, Texas

There is no doubt that Highland Park is a great place to live in for people with family. However, you must get ready with the high median home price. You will have to allocate quite a big amount of money for your home. Nevertheless, you know that your kids will get the best kind of education with the great school districts.

The place also has plenty of parks. Shopping and restaurant establishments in the area are also prominent. Furthermore, Highland Park has easy access to downtown Dallas. It only takes several minutes if you want to experience that urban feel.

3. How is the weather in Texas?

One thing that you may have to seriously consider if you are planning to live in Texas is the weather. During the summer season, the heat and humidity can be unbearable to some people. However, this extreme weather condition will only typically take place in July and August. But if you think that you have poor tolerance to heat, then the weather can be a serious concern. Nevertheless, you can beat the heat during summer by enjoying yourself in the swimming pool or lakes.

Another weather condition that could concern you is the tornado, although it does not happen often. Another is the hail. Sometimes you will experience this huge golf-size hail that can destroy your properties, but then again, hail is an uncommon condition in Texas.

4. Is it cheap to live in Texas?

Well, the answer to this question will depend on your lifestyle. However, you can take advantage of the exceptional costs as compared to other places in the country. So, if you want to reduce your mortgage payment or save money on your rent, living in Texas is a good decision. But then again, living in Texas can either be cheap or extravagant depending on your choice of living.

5. What is the homestead exemption?

Homestead extension refers to the exemption on property taxes that can be taken by the owner of the property on their primary home. So, if your home is held up to $350,000 and you are eligible for a $25,000 exemption, it would mean that you will settle taxes on the home just like it only costs $325,000. The property can either be a house, a manufactured home, or a condo, provided that you own and live in that property.

6. Is the traffic in Texas bad?

Straight to the point, the traffic in Texas is bad. The traffic situation in this state is awful although it will still depend on your location. Houston and Dallas have the most traffic-clogged in the US. However, you can justify this situation because the state is growing extremely fast. There are plenty of companies doing business in the area. There are lots of people opting to relocate here. Hence, we have to deal with the growth.

So, when you plan to move to Texas, you should plan. Whether you go out for shopping, work, or whatever it is, you have to plan because most likely there will be heavy traffic.


If you are planning to move to Texas, it will be wise if you learn the important aspects. By learning the answer to the most frequently asked questions, you can gauge whether Texas is the best place for you and your family. However, there is one thing that is certain when living in Texas – it exhibits a progressive economy and lots of features that could please you.

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