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Moving to Texas in 2022 - Relocating to the Best State to Live in America

Posted by Cecilia Miranda on Monday, April 11th, 2022 at 4:27pm.

Comprising 7.07% of the total surface of the United States, Texas boasts the second-largest land area in the country.

It’s also the second most populous state in the US, and because Texas loves doing everything big, it’s easy to see why. The vast Texas terrain which spreads over 1,000 miles from north to south is home to several different cities and regions.

What's more, the Lone Star state spans two time zones—Central Time (CT) and Mountain Time (MT). From awe-inspiring and magical nature spots to the affordable cost of living and plenty to see, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to move to Texas.

In this guide, we’ll discuss reasons why moving to Texas is the best decision you’ll make in 2022. Whether you’ll be ready to relocate in 10 days or 90 days, contact us and we’ll help you navigate the real estate options in this beautiful state. 

Affordable Housing

Homeownership can seem all but unattainable for many, especially for working families in cities such as Manhattan and San Francisco where median home prices are more than $1 million. Texas makes it a lot easier for buyers to own their first or second home. In comparison to other large and prosperous cities around the country, Texas cities such as Dallas and Austin offer some of the more affordable best places to live in the U.S.

The table below gives a breakdown of the median home price of the top cities in Texas according to a 2019 cost of living report.

City Cost of Living Housing Index Median Home Price
Austin 107 133 $385,000
Dallas 95 82 $350,000
Fort Worth 96 79 $234,000
Houston 91 82 $280,000
San Antonio 86 74 $214,000

Because Texas is massive, there's endless land to build and this allows homebuilders to supply more houses whilst making the home prices affordable. When $250,000 can buy you a shack in another state, the same amount can buy you a great home in Texas with enough square footage to suit different lifestyles. That said, Texas real estate offers buyers real value for money.

No State Income Tax

Texas is only one of few states where there's no state income tax or personal income tax. The Lone Star State also has the fifth-lowest tax burden per capita in the U.S. The good news doesn't end there as sales taxes are severely depressed in Texas. This gives entrepreneurs more incentive to set up shop and run businesses. According to a recent survey, Texas collects roughly $3,500 from every citizen.

Meanwhile, California collects $4,900 while New York collects $7,400. In comparison to most parts of the country, Texas residents pay almost half of what other citizens pay in taxes. The savings realized in taxes allow residents to prop up their retirement package, investments, vacations, or other living expenses. But here’s the tradeoff, Texas homeowners pay some of the highest property taxes in the country.

Booming Economy

Texas has one of the most robust economies in the country. According to a recent report, Texas is ranked the 12th best economy based state on startup activity, employment opportunities, and GDP growth. Second, only to California, Texas also produces 9% of the country's GDP. To add to that, roughly 46 billionaires including Elon Musk and Mark Cuban call Texas home.

That said, almost half of Texas's billionaires amassed their wealth from the gas and oil boom that transformed Texas into the economic giant it is today. Young professionals seeking greener pastures can carve out a fulfilling career in the 57 different Fortune 500 companies based in Texas. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Texas economy comprising a diverse workforce of over 13 million people, added approximately 1,000 jobs every day in 2019.

You can even head on over to "Silicon Hills" in Austin and score a technology job or pursue a career in space with major employers such as the SpaceX South Texas Launch Site and Space Center Houston. Other sectors where you can pursue a professional career in Texas include the banking, energy, steel, and tourism industries.

Foodie's Paradise

The growing reputation of Texas as a foodie haven extends beyond its diverse cuisine. Explore the Lone Star State and you’ll discover there’s more to taste than BBQ and Tex Mex. “The bigger, the better” mentality of Texas is embodied in many of the iconic hotspots. From metropolitan cities to the rolling hill country and beyond, fusion-themed dishes, fine dining, and award-winning restaurants bring new flavor to both locals and visitors.

When it comes to imbibing frothy drinks and cocktails, Texas is not left behind. Dallas's Mariano's Mexican Cuisine is the birthplace of the first margarita machine in the world. To meet the insatiable demand for this wildly popular drink, the staff transformed an ice cream machine to produce margaritas.

Although the iconic fare of Texas is not that healthy, it’s undoubtedly one of the tastiest. That said, few states in the country can match the eclectic food options available in the Lone Star State.

Southern Hospitality

No matter the state you live in, a clear picture comes to mind when you think of the South: hot summer days, finger-lickin' barbecue, spicy Tex-Mex, Sunday brunch, as well as margaritas. We can’t think of another more welcoming state. Big, bold, and typical aptly describe locals.

The friendliness of Texans and the richness in its diversity make the Lone Star State a one-of-a-kind place to live and work. While other states probably have a different definition for Southern hospitality, Texans are all about making folks feel welcome.

Unique Culture

As the saying goes "everything is bigger in Texas", its culture included. Any Texan will tell you that Texas is literally its own country. Everything from country music, cowboy boots, and rodeos to square dancing, tacos, and Friday football nights make Texas one of the most unique places in the country.

Additionally, history buffs have plenty to discover in this history-rich region. Whether you're a visual art connoisseur or theater buff, the thriving art and culture scene in Texas offers tons to discover. You can even get entertained and informed at one of the many concerts, festivals, and community events throughout the state.

Liberal State

In a classic sense, the state of Texas is laissez-faire. This is because residents and the local government alike treat most of the regulations in Texas rather liberally. Municipal rules and obvious business regulations are simple to follow and adhere to, hence you will not have to contend with many unnecessary restrictions.

The classic social contract is, “we're not going to do much to help you but neither are we going to get in your way.” Of course, such sentiments may not be entirely true but that school of thought is present in Texas.

When you’re out stocking up on supplies, you’ll notice Texans love buying everything under one roof. Don’t be surprised if you find a store where you can fill the tank of your pickup truck, buy a Winchester and a six-pack all at a go. What's more, San Antonio is home to the country's highest percentage of gay households with children.

Texas is Diverse

According to several recent reports, Texas is considered the second most diverse state in the country—145 languages are spoken in Houston alone. Other accolades bestowed on Texas include:

  • First “Most Industry Diverse”
  • Third “Most Linguistic Diverse”
  • Fourth “Most Racial and Ethnic Diverse”

The state’s booming economy and plentiful employment opportunities are part of the reason Texas attracts a diverse group of newcomers each year. The abundance and inclusion this diversity brings to Texas are appealing to people who choose to move here.

The Wrap Up

With thousands of people moving to Texas every year, there is some obvious charm to living in the Lone Star State. If the ridiculously expensive home prices in many of America’s popular cities frustrate you, it’s time to move to Texas. So long as you can stand the heat that is synonymous with Texas, our agents can help you find a great spot in Texas to call home!

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