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Moving Out for the First Time

Posted by VIP Realty on Thursday, February 21st, 2019 at 12:00pm.

Before we even delve into the top (painfully) easy, quick, and honest tips about moving out for the first time, we’d like to begin by sharing some nutritional food for thought for a start.

It’s already midnight but Jack can’t seem to fall asleep easily. His mind is being plagued with thousands of thoughts ever since he turned 28. What’s the big deal of turning 28 you ask? After all, they say the 40s are the new 20s, don’t they?

But the thing is, Jack has realized that he no longer wants to be treated like one of the so-called boomerangs. And for sure, there would be no way to become the independent grown-up he wants to be if he keeps living at his parents’ house.

Girls are not fond of boys who remain stuck up in the relationships with their mothers and fathers, acting like spoiled teenagers. Cool boys can throw up a party whenever they wish to but that doesn’t refer to those who still rely on the mercy of their parents’ absence in the house.

Most of his friends have started to build their lives. They have their own possessions which reflect their unique style, such as that awesome Mandala psychedelic tapestry hanging right in the center of the living room. It’s time for a change!

The Winning State of Mind for First-Time Movers

Okay, let’s face it; moving out of your parents’ house for the first time is not the biggest challenge. The greatest obstacle which first-time movers face is the fear of change. But how to overcome your mental blockages?

1. Start by embracing a winning state of mind. Remember, the only obstacle standing between your Old dependent Self and your New independent Self is YOU.

2. Make peace with the thought that it (most probably) won’t be easy to turn a back around to the life you have been used to so far. In fact, you may just feel wonderful living with your awesome parents.

3. If you are lucky to have awesome parents, say thank you and ask for their precious piece of advice about moving out for the first time in your life.

Maybe you have an open-minded mother who is respectful about your personal space but still makes sure your clothes are always clean and your favorite meal is always there to bring you a moment of joy after a hard day. Great! But she will still be there even after you move out.

Maybe your dad is your best friend. It’s fantastic to spend a movie night together and it’s always funny when he asks you to bring a joint to share together (But hey, don’t tell your mum about it!). Fantastic! But you can STILL have many wonderful moments together once you move out (and he most certainly will be willing to help you out on that note, too).

4. Throw away your fears of being judged. According to recent research, 1 out of 3 Americans, aged still lives with his/her parents. And the truth is, there’s nothing shameful about it. It’s wiser to stay in the coop before you have a solid plan or else you may end up broken at the very beginning of your independent life as a grown-up.

Now that you have worked on setting the winning state of mind, it’s time to get to the more practical things you need to get down before (finally) moving out for the first time.

Build a Clear Plan, Set a Deadline, and Start Budgeting

It’s crucial to understand that starting to live on your own requires you to grow up once and forever. That kind of growing up is not like anything you have experienced so far. It’s about starting to take full responsibility for your actions.

These actions will determine the way you manage your budget, your time, and your relationships with those around you. So here we go.

1. Stop procrastinating and build a transparent plan before taking the big step of moving out for the first time.

2. Skip the rush. Your plan may involve taking a full year to execute it.

3. Your budget will be the major milestone which will determine the deadline for moving out. You want to have a sustainable income for at least 3 but better yet - 6 months ahead before you leave the family nest.

4. Take notes. And more notes. Moving out of your parents’ house doesn’t have to be difficult, intimidating or impossible, even if you are dealing with a tight budget, as long as you keep track of your expenses vs. your income.

Now, all that’s left to do is to get your checklist set and done, including all the basic utilities you will need as a first-time mover. And tell your friends about it! Nobody knows best what it feels like to be moving out for the first time than those who have been there before.

Congratulations on letting go of the emotional baggage which is suffocating you and blocking your path of personal growth and success. Last but not least, don’t forget to pack your belongings carefully and book movers for the big day.

P.S Don’t be shy to throw up a celebration after moving for the first time. This new chapter of your life sure deserves to share the good vibes!

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