Move to Fort Worth: Discover Why Cowtown is the Best Town

Move to Fort Worth

Do you long for a change of scenery but feel trapped in your daily grind?

For many years, Fort Worth has enthralled residents as the actual original cultural hub of the Lone Star State. It offers a special fusion of small-town charm and urban energy.

This guide will describe the realities of living in Fort Worth. We'll discuss a variety of subjects, such as the city's various attractions and the affordable homes that draw young professionals and families alike.

Just wait till you explore the unique arts scene, outdoor activities, and small-town atmosphere that are synonymous with this location.

Contact us if you are looking to buy or sell a house in Fort Worth or anywhere in Texas. Our local team of agents will help you discover why Cowtown is the best town in the Metroplex.

Affordable Cost of Living

AreaVibes reports Fort Worth's cost of living is around 4% lower than the national average. With that in mind, paychecks can stretch further for housing, groceries, transportation, and more.

The cost breakdown for Fort Worth is as follows:

  • Housing: A two-bedroom apartment's median rent of $1,289 per month is a great deal compared to the national median of $1,695.
  • Transportation: Gas prices at $3.13 per gallon are slightly above the $3.08 national average.
  • Groceries: Numbers from Numbeo reveal food costs are roughly 7% less than the national average.
  • Utilities: At $150 per month, the average household pays just below the $155 national average for water and electricity.

For people living on a tight budget, Fort Worth's affordable cost of living makes it a great place to call home. But the city has more to offer than just low prices, employment opportunities are plentiful in Fort Worth.

Employment Opportunities Abound

Both the job market and economy are growing in Fort Worth. Numerous thriving industries can be found here. The Fort Worth Alliance Airport, an important aviation cargo hub, is at the heart of the city. Here you’ll find aerospace giants such as Bell Helicopter and Lockheed Martin.

The health sector also offers work opportunities. Several clinics and medical centers such as Texas Health Fort Worth and Cook Children's serve the citizenry.

Further to these pillars, small companies drive economic expansion—over 400,000 locals earn a living at the over 100,000 mom-and-pop businesses in the area.

Job market and economy in Fort Worth:

Metric Fort Worth, TX National Average
Unemployment rate 3.4% 3.6%
Median household income $62,672 $67,521
Cost of living 95.1 100
Job growth 4.2% 2.6%

Note: This table may not reflect the current data

As of May 2023, Fort Worth's unemployment rates were lower than those of the state and the country, making it a great place to advance your career.

With a 3.4% rate, it compares favorably to both the national 3.6% and Texas' 3.9%. That said, job seekers should focus their search on the diverse geography that is Fort Worth.

Southern Hospitality in Fort Worth

Founded by cattle ranchers in the 1800s, Fort Worth offers warm hospitality with a cowboy spirit deeper than sweet tea. Home to people from many walks of life, the welcoming culture of Fort Worth further enhances the diversity.

Consequently, there is a greater atmosphere of acceptance and inclusive communal bonfires.

Research supports the reputation for hospitality:

  • Compared to residents in other cities in Texas, Fort Worth residents are more willing to help strangers.
  • Fort Worth ranked #7 on Southern Living's 2023 list of the South's best cities on the rise.
  • Fort Worth was ranked eighth nationally by WalletHub for its friendliness.

Cowtown's civic pride continues to depend on southern hospitality. The city’s authentic Texas charm is ideal for anyone looking for a place where people treat you like family. This warm welcome extends to the outdoors where adventures abound.

Outdoor Adventures Abound

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A variety of options and picturesque locations make Cowtown a great place for outdoor recreation. Adventurers on a tight budget are drawn here by the inexpensive cost of living.

Here are some of the top destinations to visit:

  • Fort Worth's 36-mile-long Trinity Trails are ideal for jogging, biking, and hiking.
  • In the northeast of the city is the 2,200-acre Eagle Mountain Lake, ideal for fishing, boating, and swimming.
  • Southwestern Fort Worth is home to the 2,420-acre Lake Worth renowned for boating, waterskiing, and fishing.

More outdoor activities:

  • Fishing along Clear Creek
  • Birdwatching at the Water Gardens
  • Hiking the wooded trails at Fort Worth Nature Center
  • Mountain biking the trails at Gateway Park

Whether you prefer a peaceful stroll or a strenuous trek, Cowtown's beauty meets any craving for exercise. And if you're moving to Fort Worth with children, you'll be pleased to find that the city offers a wide range of educational options.

Fort Worth Schools

Families with children will appreciate Fort Worth's extensive range of schools. For every student, the city offers options for public, private, and charter schools. More than 140 schools that comprise the Fort Worth Independent School District are home to over 84,000 students.

Top public schools in Fort Worth:

School Rating Type Students
Tanglewood Elementary School 10/10 Public, PK, K-5 885
Marine Creek Collegiate High School 8/10 Public, 9-12 370
Texas Academy Of Biomedical Sciences 8/10 Public, 9-12 397
Young Men's Leadership Academy 8/10 Public, 6-12 365
Young Women's Leadership Academy 8/10 Public, 6-12 416

Note: This table may not reflect the current data

Private schools give parents a range of options, including Montessori, faith-based, and college prep programs. Popular private schools in Fort Worth include:

  • Fort Worth Academy
  • Fort Worth Country Day School
  • Trinity Valley School

Meanwhile, alternatives offered by charter schools are more cost-effective, smaller, and innovative.

Prominent charter schools consist of:

  • IDEA Fort Worth College Prep
  • KIPP Fort Worth Collegiate High School
  • Ignite Fort Worth

Reputable colleges and institutions including Texas Wesleyan, TCU, and UNTHSC for health occupations are all located in Fort Worth.

Learners of all ages can find an appropriate educational option in Fort Worth, from kindergarten through to university. And when it comes to family fun, Fort Worth has something to offer everyone.

Endless Family Fun

Cowtown offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions. A great starting point for families looking to experience the heritage of Fort Worth is the Stockyards district. Explore the historic structures, livestock enclosures, and widespread evidence of Fort Worth's ranching roots.

You can even take a wagon tour and enjoy authentic drives amid shopping and entertainment. Culture enthusiasts can stroll between renowned museums such as the Kimball and the Modern Art Museum, along with establishments such as the Fort Worth Opera and Bass Hall.

Families unwind in Sundance Square, a downtown area with restaurants, live music, and events all year long. With more than 7,000 species in their natural settings, the Fort Worth Zoo will add a fascinating experience to your trip to Cowtown.

What’s more, celebrations such as the summer concerts at Water Gardens and the January stock show rodeo keep the excitement going.

Boasting a rich history, a vibrant art scene, and great outdoors, Fort Worth is ideal for endless family fun. In addition to its family-friendly attractions, Fort Worth is also known for its diverse community.

Diverse Community

Fort Worth is a melting pot of people from around the world, with a diverse community that is reflected in the city's many cultural events and festivals. According to the Fort Worth Report, Fort Worth ranks as the 13th most populous city in the country.

With a population edging close to 1 million people speaking 100+ languages, common tongues besides English and Spanish include Spanish, Vietnamese, Hindi, and Mandarin. These languages reflect the large Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese groupings.

Furthermore, Fort Worth proudly showcases its global roots through the following community events:

  • The Hispanic Cultural Fiesta celebrates the Latino heritage
  • Eastern customs are included at the Fort Worth Asian Festival
  • The Black Arts Conclave in Fort Worth honors African heritage
  • The Fort Worth International Festival is an international buffet of cultures

Whatever you're looking for in terms of art, culture, or traditions, Fort Worth guarantees cultural enlightenment. Besides culture, Fort Worth is also foodies' favorite.

Delectable Local Cuisine

Fort Worth's culinary scene is thriving, with restaurants serving a variety of dishes, from contemporary Tex-Mex to southern favorites. A preferred spot with over 30 locations, the authentic Mexican food served by regional chefs draws diners to Mi Cocina.

Reverchon and Dakota Restaurant are popular destinations for foodies in Sundance Square. Both emphasize American food made from locally sourced products. Local produce, barbecue, and specialties for the blue plate complete the menu.

Discover a hidden speaksy in Fort Worth for a fantastic dining experience and enjoy handcrafted cocktails in a seductive setting. Whatever your preferences, Fort Worth boasts mouthwatering culinary treats.

Comparing Fort Worth and Dallas

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Though Fort Worth and Dallas are in the same geographic region, they have distinct cultures. While both are important Texas cities, each has a unique atmosphere.

  • Cost of living: Fort Worth real estate offers far more affordable housing and dining options—20% less expensive than the Big D.
  • Job market: Employment opportunities in Dallas may be plentiful, but Fort Worth has a lower unemployment rate. Though both cities have plenty of jobs, Cowtown just makes the job search easier.
  • Culture: Casual cowboy boots are the norm in Fort Worth. In contrast, Dallas has a glitzy, fast-paced feel.
  • History: Fort Worth is proud of its heritage in ranching and cattle drives. Dallas is more contemporary and urban.

Do you prefer modern urban developments or old-west customs? In the end, follow your gut and do what seems best for you.

Find Your New Home in Fort Worth

The attraction this city has for both residents and visitors alike is obvious. Fort Worth combines the benefits of living in a big metropolis with small-town charm and world-class culture.

Cowtown is calling if you're looking for a new address. Along with insider tips to feel at home fast, our agents can help you find the perfect neighborhood to settle.

Don't hesitate to reach out and join the rising number of homeowners who are moving to Fort Worth.

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