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Can't-Miss Activities in Dallas-Fort Worth

Posted by on Thursday, September 14th, 2017 at 5:03pm.

Downtown Dallas

Dallas-Fort Worth, also known as the Metroplex, is North Texas’ economic and cultural hub and is also the largest inland metropolitan area in the continental United States. Comprised of 13 Texan counties, this gargantuan territory’s population has grown to a staggering 7,102,796. With these numbers, Dallas-Fort Worth is recognized as the fourth most populous metropolitan region in the US. Dallas-Fort Worth spans approximately 9,286 square-miles, which is roughly larger than Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. With that kind of space, you can be sure to find a ton of fun and interesting things to do while in Dallas-Fort Worth.  Regarding popular tourist destinations in the United States, Dallas-Fort Worth is a definite must-see spot, with a wide array of museum, historic sites, and parks for visitors of all backgrounds.

 Dallas Outdoors

Nature and Parks

Fort Worth Zoo: Originally opened in 1909 with only one lion, two bear cubs, an alligator, a coyote, a peacock and a few rabbits, this local zoo has grown immensely over the past century. With over 7,000 native and exotic species, the Fort Worth Zoo makes a perfect place for a family outing.

 Leopard at Zoo

Fort Worth Botanical Gardens: This lush, verdant paradise is home to a plethora of indigenous flowers, plants, and other vegetation. These gardens are perfect for family outings and even solo trips, if you’re all for learning about plants. Bring a book or pack a picnic to really appreciate the gardens. Visitors to the Fort Worth Botanical gardens will also have access to the Japanese Gardens for a small fee.


Fort Worth Water Gardens: Located downtown, adjacent from the Fort Worth Convention Center, the Fort Worth Water Gardens is a stunning addition to the city. An architectural and engineering masterpiece, the gardens feature three different pools, all of which offer visitors a unique and relaxing experience.


Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge: A natural area composed of prairies, wetlands, and forests, this refuge allows visitors to take a step on the wild side and appreciate the wildlife. The Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge spans approximately 3,000 acres and holds 20 miles of hiking trails. The refuge’s mission statement expresses a desire to further enrich their local Texan community by educating citizens about wildlife preservation.

 Art Museum

Fine Arts/Museums/Other Historic Spots

Kimbell Art Museum: With a stellar permanent collection and travelling exhibits that are even more amazing, this Texan jewel is definitely recommended for any art lover.

Casa Manana Theater: Spanish for the phrase “House of Tomorrow,” the Casa Manana Theater resides in the Fort Worth Cultural District (which is another area worth taking a gander at, by the way.) Theatergoers who come to Fort Worth should stop by this extraordinary establishment to catch a play or two.

Texas Civil War Museum: Spanning approximately 15,000 square-feet, the Texas Civil War Museum is the largest Civil War museum on the West of the Mississippi. Here, you can delve deep into America’s past and even learn about Texas’ role during the American Civil War.

 JFK Tribute - Fort Worth

JFK Tribute: This tribute is a commemoration of John F. Kennedy, immortalizing an impromptu outdoor speech he had made one cold and rainy Friday morning in 1963. The dedication stands adjacent to the former Hotel Texas, now the Hilton Hotel, which was where the President and First Lady Jackie Kennedy stayed during their time in Fort Worth.

Log Cabin Village: The Log Cabin Village is a living history museum, established to preserve Texas’ unique history and culture. The village holds many artifacts and images representative of the state’s pioneering era.

 Dallas at Night

Other Must-See Spots and Must-Do Activities

National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame:
This museum is dedicated to women of the past and present, who displayed exemplary courage and dedication while exploring the American West. This museum holds artifacts, exhibits, libraries and archives that are dedicated to the remembrance of all the female trailblazers who took charge during the pioneering era.

Sundance Square: The heart of downtown Fort Worth and also quite possibly the cleanest and safest downtown district you will ever walk across in the state (maybe even the country.) The Sundance Square welcomes Fort Worth’s vibrant and energetic nightlife, with countless shops, cafes, restaurants, and performance venues.

 Sun Dance Square - Fort Worth

7-Hour Dallas and Fort Worth Combination Tour: If you’re interested in taking a closer look at everything Fort Worth has to offer, then consider a city tour. Here, tourists move in groups of 11 through both Dallas and Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Downtown Walking Tour: This is another tour; however, it’s focused solely on downtown Fort Worth. Priced at only $15 per person, you can be given a tour around downtown Fort Worth. Accompanied by knowledgeable tour guides, tourists will be able to take a look at Fort Worth’s unique history and art and become well-acquainted with this fascinating city.


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