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10 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Posted by VIP Realty on Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 at 11:17pm.

The main goal of a real estate agent is to create the impression of luxury for a home, which becomes the reality and expectation for the prospect. Creating such an impression is important. It demands effective marketing strategies to entice the home buyer. Thus every lead, be it from online listing, listing flyers, advertisements, direct mail or brochures must communicate the story aimed to attract the potential buyer.

You don’t need more marketing or advertising to sell a million-dollar house in a slow market.Your main tools are an effective marketing and advertising strategy. Here are some research-based ideas to help real estate marketers make more sales in a housing market that has gone cold.

1. Incorporate Excellent Photography

Don’t underestimate the power of staging and photography. If you’re starting out and can’t afford a professional photographer, a decent camera will do the trick. It’s difficult for anyone to picture self in an empty house with desolate surroundings. A recent survey discovered over 80 percent of homebuyers prefer photos of the property to be availed online. High-quality photos will make the difference between a hit or miss. They also capture more attention on visual networks such as Instagram.

2. Be Active Social Media

Many people use social networks to interact. As a real estate agent, you should take advantage of these platforms to grow and nurture your business. It’s easier and cheaper to meet your clients and prospects where they spend a big chunk of their time. 3. Add Reviews and Services Referrals provide one of the best free marketing for real estate agents. Remember to enable both reviews and services on your Facebook Page. Communicating with clients is much easier if they can book appointments or message questions. Always use client testimonials and information about your services on your website. Finding a reliable agent is difficult enough, thus the process of connecting with your clients should be as seamless as possible.

4. Clean Your Database

Bad data negates all the effort spent on creating content and sending newsletters. If you cause many bounces, unsubscribe and spam reports, your chances of making it to the inbox of prospects are slim. Ensure you relevant email addresses as this can affect your email deliverability, and ability to expand your reach. It’s advisable to regularly clean your database to ensure you’re getting the best of your marketing efforts. 5. Build up Trust You need your clients to trust you if you are a real estate agent. You can do this by sharing blog posts, write articles, publish infographics or offer your clients free information. Providing free advice is one way of building trust. Integrate videos and other media, then share on different platforms.

6. Stay Relevant After Closing

Did you know 70 percent of homebuyers don’t remember who their agent was only a year after closing? It’s rare to have repeat clients in the real estate market, but it's important your posts remain relevant. It’s a wise idea to not only build up trust but also stay connected. Sharing content on topics such as renovations can keep your posts useful for both past and current clients who have an interest in the topic. Local news and events also fall under this category of content.

7. Keep in Touch

To build on that good relationship, stay in touch with your past buyers - be it months or years later. You can send them anniversary cards or holiday cards to stay fresh in their minds. When they have a friend ready to buy or sell, they’ll most likely pass along your details.

8. Create an Awesome Website

Today’s buyers do a lot of research online before making a purchase. A prospective home buyer will most likely Google Map the address, use Street View to understand the topography, view nearby businesses, look at home photos, and take virtual tours of the property. List nearby hot spots and mention bus stops, schools or the nearby convenience stores. Make it easy for users to access such information.

Make your site easy to navigate as all the effort to prop it up will mean nothing if your site is a nightmare to navigate. Your visitors should enjoy browsing your website, so take your time to make it user friendly.

9. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

A recent study revealed that 80% of Internet users use their mobile devices for online activity. Since tech-savvy consumers spend a lot of time on their mobile devices, it’s important to make your website mobile-friendly. You could even consider creating a mobile app where potential buyers can review listings.

10. Automate Your Marketing

In order to grow your business, a real estate agent or broker needs to manage both clients and prospects in a professional way. You could have a long list of tasks set out making it difficult to make time for generating, and sharing content and still follow up with past clients. Automated email and social media marketing is a great way of reaching your audience when you’re pressed for time. One of the best tools for automating such functions from start to finish is OutboundEngine automated marketing.

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