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10 Best Fort Worth Suburbs & Neighborhoods

Posted by on Wednesday, October 14th, 2020 at 4:17pm.

Fort Worth is known for its amazing neighborhoods. They are available in every direction. If you are planning to move to one of the neighborhoods in the area, it is important to choose the direction that will suit your needs and preferences, and that of your family. To help you out in your decision, check out the list below.

Why Fort Worth?

There are many reasons why Fort Worth is an interesting place to live in. For one, it is always in the headlines because of some cool things that it is known for. For example, it is among the fastest-growing cities in the US. In fact, the current crime rate in the area also lists it among the least dangerous cities. This is somewhat impressive since it is actually one of the largest cities in the nation. Let us take a look at the 10 best Fort Worth Suburbs and Neighborhoods.

  1. Downtown Fort Worth

    The downtown area of Fort Worth is where you can find the central business district of the city. It also serves as home to around 4,481 people. Most of the skyscrapers and the tallest buildings in the city can be found in the downtown area. The median home value in this part of the city is $146,567. As the center of most businesses and employment locations, the median income per household in this area is at an average of $63,894.
  1. Euless

    Euless is a popular suburb that is situated on the western part of the Dallas County line, as well as the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. In this suburb, there are a number of new housing developments and shopping centers. Residences in this suburb are often available in the mid $100s and could reach up to the low $700s. Classic family houses that offer a lot of space are among the options here.
  1. SouthLake

    Southlake is a lakeside town that serves as home to modern townhouses, gorgeous Tudor style residences, as well as spacious craftsman style abodes. Families with an active lifestyle will surely love the possibility of being able to enjoy waterfront activities, such as a fishing trip to Bob Jones Park. Southlake Town Square is also a great place to enjoy local shopping, as well as buying from brand name retailers. The median household income in this neighborhood is $172,951.
  1. Aledo

    Aledo is a small town that is located in Fort Worth. It is one of the best options out there for families that are open to a wide range of options on abodes. The options here range from modest and ranch style homes, as well as spacious craft style houses. Among the interesting locations in the area is the Aledo Farmer’s Market, where you can enjoy a sweet picnic with your family. You can also enjoy a good day of strolling at Bearcat Park or even let your young ones enjoy reading at the famous East Park County Library.
  1. Willow Park

    Willow Park is another lakeside town in Fort Worth. It is a popular option because it comes with a lot of spacious farmhouse style abodes, attractive craft style homes, as well as Tudor style homes on spacious private lots. Families will surely love the options that are available in the area, including fishing, boating, and even swimming at the beautiful Lake Weatherford Marina. Those who love playing golf will love the expansive facilities of the Squaw Creek Golf Club.                                                                                          
  1. Roanoke

    This neighborhood is listed as among those with the lowest unemployment rates in this city. Homebuyers can enjoy the different options on spacious Tudor style abodes, ranch-style properties, and attractive craftsman style houses. Families with children will no doubt enjoy the playground, sports fields, fishing piers at the Roanoke Community Park. At the same time, those who love to read will enjoy the options on the Roanoke Public Library. Oak Street is also where community events happen.
  1. Kennedale

    Families who are looking for the best abode in a peaceful suburb can take Kennedale into consideration. Among the options on homes include modestly styled ranch homes, spacious craftsman, and Tudor style homes. Families can enjoy a good picnic by the lake, a peaceful walk, or a bike ride at Sonora Park. The Kennedale Library is also where those who love to read can check out their favorite book or even attend an event. 
  1. Keller

    Keller is known for its low crime rate. Homebuyers can enjoy choosing from different types of homes, including spacious craftsman styled homes, to modern townhouses. Families will also enjoy picnic time or strolling at the famous Bear Creek Park. The Keller Public Library also serves as a place where events are held. Residents may also enjoy casual dining and convenient shopping at Keller Town Center.
  1. Mansfield

    Mansfield is a suburb in Fort Worth, which offers attractive options on bungalow style and affordable ranch homes. Families will no doubt enjoy spending time together while exploring the famous Elmer W Oliver Nature Park. There are also other waterfront activities, especially at Joe Pool Lake. The Mansfield Public Library is where young readers will also find their favorite books for reading.

  2. Haslet

    Haslet is a small town in Fort Worth. It also boasts of the lowest crime rates in the area. Among the options on the homes in this suburb include sprawling farmhouses, Tudors, as well as attractive Colonials on spacious private lots. Families who love activities such as picnics and riding bikes will no doubt love exploring the Hasket Community Park. This park is also where the Saturday Farmer’s market is held.


There is no question that Fort Worth is one of the best options for families who are looking for homes to call their own in Texas. The suburbs and neighborhoods that are mentioned above are listed here due to several reasons. Aside from the options on homes, some of these suburbs are known for unique characteristics, including low crime rates or high employment rates.

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