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Valerie Valles, REALTOR

Who is Valerie? Well you can say she looks like she's 13 and she doesn't know squat about life... well your right. She does look 13 and I don't know squat about life but the good thing is she is learning & willing to reconstruct herself.
What she does know is Real Estate, she knows that it truly is like climbing a mountain. Standing at the bottom you look upon the majestic mountain, in this case a house but you see how much you have to climb to get there.YES, it looks hard but hard work pays off when you reach that front door to your new home. Buying a house comes in steps, first step is saving money!!! So when is the only time of year most people get a lump sum of money? Yes, you guessed right, TAX SEASON. Valerie decided to incorporate Taxes into her trade because from personal experiences she knows what its like to splurge vs invest when you see that tax return hit your account. In turn she also knows how exciting it is to save and not give hard earned money to someone who is already rich. Now that she has her own family she aspires to help families who feel financially stuck, or someone who wants to start a business or already has a business & wants to excel. She & her team can help you along the way to reach the top of the mountain so your not snowballing backwards but propelling forward to your goal. Valerie & her team are ready, willing to help you & your family in this amazing year of 2020.

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