Seattle Discount Real Estate Broker

Seattle, Washington, a city of charm, culture and beauty, is the largest city located in the region known as the Pacific Northwest, and is sometimes known as "the city of neighborhoods, due to it's growth being primarily due to the annexation of neighboring communities.

If you are buying or selling real estate properties in Seattle, you need to talk to us first. The VIP Team are Seattle discount real estate brokers that have developed innovative programs for buyers and sellers that mean REAL savings to you. The VIP Team programs can literally save property sellers THOUSANDS in commission fees. Our rebate program puts a substantial amount of cash back into our client's pockets at closing.

Here is how it works:

Seattle Real Estate Rebate

VIP Team clients who have participated in our real estate rebate program are thrilled when, at closing, we share a portion of our real estate commissions with them. How can we do this? And WHY do we do this? Let us explain. Under our real estate rebate plan, you earn this money by partnering with The VIP Team in the property search. First, you contract with The VIP Team to be your buyer's representative. For your information, you should be aware that our buyer services are AT NO COST TO YOU. The VIP Team will then furnish you with the latest up-to-date marketing information and MLS listings you need to start your search and quickly locate the property or properties that would best suit your requirements. Understand that you are doing the initial search, and need to advise The VIP Team when you have found a chosen property.

Once the property has been located, The VIP Team then takes over as your full-service buyer's representative. You can sit back and relax as an experienced and knowledgeable VIP Team agent negotiates for the lowest sale price for the property. Then, at closing, since you have saved our agency the time and expense of the initial property search, you receive your rebate reward, which can be up to 1.5% of our buyer's agent commission, (usually 6% of the selling price of the property.) The VIP Team's share of the commission is split 50-50 with the seller's agent (normally 3% each.) For example, if the sale price of the property is $300,000, The VIP Team's commission would amount to $9,000, of which, up to 1.5% is rebated to you, our client. Think of how pleasant it would be to put some real cash back into your pocket after all the expenditures involved in purchasing the property.

Seattle Flat Fee MLS

If you are selling a home you are certainly aware that standard real estate agent commission fees will take a substantial bite out of your profits. Once you have contracted with an agent to market your home and the home is finally sold, you will have to pay a realty agent commission that can average 6% of the sale price. A $300,000 sale means $18,000 comes out of your pocket, which is split between your agent (the seller's representative) and the agent who represents the buyer. How would you like to cut your real estate agent commission fees IN HALF? You can do this if you contract with The VIP Team to represent you as your listing agent. Here's how it's done:

Under our Seattle Flat Fee MLS program, The VIP Team will waive the seller's agent commission for a nominal flat fee, which will be far below what you would have paid us had we made the usual representatives arrangement of 3% of the selling price paid to us at closing, with the other 3% to the buyer's agent.

The VIP Team will list your property on our always-up-to-date realtors MLS, showcasing your property to thousands of buyer's and their agent representatives for a ONE TIME ONLY nominal fee. Nine times out of ten it's the buyer's agent who sells the home to his client. The listing agent rarely concludes a sale on his/her own, so why pay thousands of dollars to a seller's agent who will only list your property on the MLS and then sit back and wait for a buyer's rep to do the selling.

At closing your only commission costs will be to the buyer's agent, saving you 50% in realty agent commission fees. On a $300,000 sale, you saved $9,000 in seller's representation fees less The VIP Team's nominal one-time-only flat fee MLS.