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Fort Worth is one of the largest cultural and economic centers in the State of Texas, a city of numerous attractions and business opportunities. Despite being one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., Fort Worth prides itself on retaining its western heritage and laid-back, informal lifestyle. This city is truly a great place to live and work.

VIP Realty, your Fort Worth Discount Real Estate Broker, is the agency to contact if you are moving to or relocating within Fort Worth. Our agency's discount and real estate rebate programs are the most advantageous in the industry, and have saved our clients – home buyers and sellers – thousands of dollars in expenses. Contact VIP Realty today to learn more.

Fort Worth Flat Fee MLSfort worth flat fee mls

These are difficult times for those of us planning to sell their home. There are a lot of homes for sale and the competition can be fierce. Buyers are choosy, and looking for low prices and concessions from sellers before considering a purchase. If you are one of these sellers, you can do yourself and your finances a big favor by contacting VIP Realty. We have a Flat Fee MLS Program that can save you thousands of dollars in realtor's commissions. Here is how it works. As your assigned realtor, VIP Realty will list your home in our constantly updated MLS database, giving your home optimal exposure to buyers. Our services are commission free to you. The only fee you will pay us is a mere service fee of $499 up front, and that's all. At closing the buyer's agent is paid his half of the commission – usually 3% - and you have saved 50% of the real estate commission fees you would have paid had you contracted with any other broker but VIP Realty. Contact us today to participate in this money saving arrangement.

Fort Worth Real Estate RebateTexas cash back realtor rebate

VIP Realty is an agency that is well aware of the expenses involved in purchasing a home; title search fees, insurance, etc., and it is for just these reasons that VIP Realty has designed a Real Estate Rebate Program specifically designed to put a sizeable portion of that outgoing cash back into your pocket. Here's how it works: Assign VIP Realty as your buyer's agent and receive the full services of our agency – home search , negotiations with the seller's agent to obtain the lowest possible selling price, and more – all at NO COST TO YOU. And to sweeten this arrangement with us even further, we will rebate back to you at closing a full 2% of our commissions due. This can amount to a sizeable sum, for example, a $300,000 selling price will result in a real estate commission rebate back to you of six thousand dollars.

Even better, should you find the home you want on your own, saving VIP Realty time and expense, we will reward your efforts with 2% of the commissions due VIP Realty at closing. But don't delay, contact us today to participate in this exceptional program. Registrants are limited to only ten per month.