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The Five Best (and Sometimes Oddest) Sandwiches in DFW

Posted by VIP Realty on Friday, October 17th, 2014 at 12:07pm.

Everybody loves a good sandwich. But for the adventurous out there, take heart ‒‒ DFW has no shortage of oddball gems that go great between two slices of bread (or some other form of exquisite pastry). But just don’t take our word for it. Consider what the folks at the Dallas Observer consider among the best sandwiches in town.

1. Challah French Toast Sandwich at the Coffee House Cafe

It might have a redundant name, but the Coffee House Café’ offers an epic breakfast sandwich that makes up for the traffic you must endure to get to this fine Frankford Road eatery. The challah French toast sandwich is a breakfast all its own ‒‒cheddar cheese, bacon, and one egg, over-easy that comes with a side of fried potatoes.

2. The Doc Brown at the  Pecan Lodge

Main Street, where Downtown meets Deep Ellum, offers the best sandwich you can’t always get. Served in limited edition and only occasionally, the Doc brown is a brisket sandwich on a sesame seed bun served up by the folks at Pecan Lodge. Smokey and mesquite-infused, this Wagyu brisket delight is a match for any appetite and may be the best $11 you get to spend when it makes an appearance.

3. The Rueben at Coppell Deli

Step just outside Dallas and find this disarmingly delicious version of the classic Rueben sandwich ‒‒corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing on lightly toasted rye. The Coppell Deli is somewhat easy to spot, as it’s a small, unassuming, classical-looking deli joint amid Coppell’s high-end homes. But don’t let the humble digs fool you. This is a Rueben you can’t get in many places outside New York. And it’s a lot less of a hassle to get it here.

4. The Prosciutto Panini at Cavalli

Irving may not be where you first think of for great Italian food, but drop into Cavalli and indulge in a sandwich so Italian, you’ll almost wish you were on a gondola. This concoction of prosciutto, basil, tomatoes, "fresh" mozzarella, and olive oil is served on pizza dough and is as good as it sounds.


5. The Whole Hog at Smoke

This sandwich of pulled pork, mustard vinegar sauce, blue cheese , and cole slaw may be the best handheld lunch in Oak Cliff. Made Carolina-style and intoxicatingly smoky (what else would you expect from a place called Smoke?), you’ll gun this down faster than you want to. Try it with a side of hominy for a serious down-home treat, you won’t be disappointed.


Got a better sandwich? Tell us where to find it. We’d love to know.

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