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VIP Realty Is Hiring Realtors

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Texas real estate has felt the pinch of the economy in the last couple of years, but nothing like what the rest of the country has suffered, and there are still ample opportunities for real estate agents to make a great living wile doing what they love doing most. Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin have ample opportunities. The real estate market is not flowing like honey into the valley these days, but for sharp professionals with a goal, the current situation is a mere hiccup, in the over picture of the industry.

There are hundreds of brokers that Texas licensed real estate agents can work for, and there are huge differences in many. Some will just do nothing, and wait for you to bring them their cut of the commission when selling a property. VIP Realty is far removed from this type of real estate model. We actually take a proactive approach, in all facets of training to help each agent realize their full potential in whatever real estate market they would like to specialize in during their career. One on one mentoring, online training, and class based education is an on going process, and made available the instant you come aboard the VIP Realty Team.

Every real estate professional needs an arsenal of tools to help leverage their time, and abilities in the field today, and VIP realty has gone out of it

Marketing Yourself with Confidence

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Often the biggest hurdles for real estate agents is the process of marketing themselves. Whether you feel as if you are bothering people, are difficult at promoting yourself or simply have a fear of rejection, the many reasons for hesitation when it comes to marketing yourself can mean the difference between a highly successful real estate career and one that seems to never take off.

What to do?

  1. The first order of business is to transform the task of marketing yourself from a difficult one into a pleasurable one. Approach it as an exciting, positive experience and soon you'll find yourself enjoying yourself, instead of cringing every time you pick up the phone. A positive attitude really does go a long way when marketing yourself.
  2. Know that you are offering a valuable service, not bothering people, when you place your first phone call. Focus on the many things you have to offer, and concentrate on relaying that to people. If you show confidence and offer to give valuable helpful ideas and suggestions that people need, you will soon find that people will generally be receptive to you.
  3. Make a point to understand your unique selling points, and relay those to people. Eliminate the mindset of "I'm bragging," and learn about your unique qualities that make you a valuable addition to any real estate transaction. The biggest hurdle you may face may be the need to downplay what you have to offer. But once you overcome this, you can let people know what you have to offer and radiate confidence while you're doing it.
  4. Always remain visible. People need to know who you are and how to reach you. Becoming very visible is often the best, first step when marketing yourself. You can't talk to people about your qualities and talents if they don't know you're there!

How to Build Your Referral Business

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

If the thought of cold calling gives you hives, then you are not alone. Cold calling is often the task that many real estate agents dread. But you can cut down on the need to cold call by building your referral business.

Building your referral business eliminates the need to make cold calls, and also eliminate the need to spend time initiating relationships, as your referrals already trust you more than a complete stranger.

The best way to build your referral business is to develop long-term relationships with past clients. Easy ways to accomplish this include:

  • Sending personal cards. Let your clients know that you are still thinking of them even after your business transaction has come to an end.
  • Giving personalized stationery or gifts. A note pad with your name and contact number will keep you fresh in the mind of past clients.
  • Mailing out comparative market analysis request letters to your past customers. This may prompt them to investigate the equity in their home and possibly purchase a larger one.
  • Let your past customers know when you list or sell a property. Once again, keeping your name and contact information fresh in your past customer's minds will often result in a healthy number of referrals.

You can obtain new client relationships, through referrals, by:

  • Contacting customers who have bought or sold real estate in the past, but their real estate agent does not work for your company any longer, is an easy way to develop new relationships with past customers.
  • Develop an endorsement letter agreement with a local attorney, accountant or insurance agent. This means that they will endorse your services to their clients and you will do the same for them.
  • Ask your customers, right before closing, to write a short testimonial letter for you. You can then use this when marketing yourself to new clients.
  • Provide change of address cards for your clients who are moving. Simply offer to send change of address cards (with your name and contact information, of course) to their friends and family, announcing their new address.


Wednesday, June 18th, 2008



Realtor Burnout

Friday, June 13th, 2008


Sales are slow, attitudes are hot, and the summer heat in Dallas is not helping. The phone doesn

Real Estate Challenges

Friday, May 30th, 2008


Another six lenders just locked their door! Two of them were working on loan packages for your clients, now what?

The mortgage lender collapse as well as the change in mortgage rates and the loss of the sub-prime deluge is presenting challenges that the Dallas Real Estate market hasn

First Things First

Thursday, May 29th, 2008


Realtor Cluelessness

Monday, May 19th, 2008


Inquisitive Idiots? Hmmmm, are we talking about first time buyers? Maybe we


Friday, May 9th, 2008


Compromise? Wrong - it may just be a compromise to your way of thinking. The problem is that sometimes you really are not inside the head of your client, no matter how much you have tried. You really can not see, or feel, or think things about the house in the way that the client has fallen for, in exactly the same way they do. So regardless of how you feel


Tuesday, May 6th, 2008


How many times have you marveled at the number of