DFW Gets Two of Ten Safest Cities


It’s not just we who think DFW is a great place to live, major media outlets keep naming our towns to their lists of best cities in the United States. Over the past few years, cities in the Metroplex have caught the eye of Forbes and CNN. But now even real estate industry insiders have joined the chorus of those who see the appeal of life in North Texas.

Plano Still Great

Our very own Plano has done it again. Movoto recently named Plano the fourth safest city in the United States, thanks to a low crime rate and an involved, enthusiastic collection of residents who want Plano to stay the apple of North Texas’ eye. CNN Money first took notice of Plano back in 2005, when it named the city the best place to live in the Western United States. The media giant gave Plano the moniker again the following year and then again in 2011.

In 2013, Forbes touted Plano’s stable tax base, well-staffed police and fire departments, and widely hailed school system and named the city one of America’s best. By the way, the police department is so well-staffed because it is one of the few departments in the country that require a four-year degree in order to become a police officer. The nearly 200 volunteers who pitch in to patrol neighborhoods, occupy observation towers in public places, and monitor security camera feeds in an effort to keep the streets safe help a lot too.

Irving Joins the Party

Movoto’s Top Ten Safest Cities features another DFW city ‒‒ Iriving, former home of the Dallas Cowboys and current holder of the ninth spot on the list. Movoto chose Irving for its crime rate, which, according to its data, ranks substantially lower than the average for cities its size. Some new ideas and leadership in the Irving Police Department have paid off with a crime rate that has dropped a full 35 percent over the past seven years, Movoto reported. The city has also put a lot of effort into revitalizing worn-down areas and rehabilitating what was once a glut of derelict buildings that proved attractive to criminals. But thanks to the city’s efforts, safety is now something so common that even those from far away are starting to take notice.

And the List Goes on

North Texas offers some of the safest cities and towns around, no matter how you slice it. And the list of great towns is way bigger than even Movoto or Forbes or CNN have seen. The Safewise Report, in fact, puts 23 of the best, safest Texas cities and towns on its Top 50 list. From The Colony to Colleyville and from Rockwall to Richardson, DFW is undoubtedly the place to be.


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