Real Estate Challenges


Another six lenders just locked their door! Two of them were working on loan packages for your clients, now what?

The mortgage lender collapse as well as the change in mortgage rates and the loss of the sub-prime deluge is presenting challenges that the Dallas Real Estate market hasn

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  1. I'm a long way from Dallas, 2 hours west of Seattle actually, but believe it or not we have a significant number of homeowners that move back and forth. Realtors here were making money in 2005 and all they had to do was show up part of the day. Not so now. I think we're a long way from seeing the end of the foreclosure nightmare across the U.S. Like a stone thrown in a pond, the little circles will reach further and further.

  2. admin says:

    Chuck, in any market there is always money to be made. You just need to adapt and overcome. :)

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