Residential Development in Houston, Texas

General Electric has announced their agreement with Land Tejas Cos., a Houston-based developer, to create the first community to utilize the ecomagination program, of GE. Land Tejas is best known for developing the Houston Canyon Gate Community.

This is a huge announcement that will affect the Houston Texas real estate market. It seems that everyone is going green, including the newly constructed Houston homes for sale. The ecomagination program will be launched at Discovery at Spring Trails, a community of Land Tejas.

The new program, of GE, is designed to create a cost-effective living environment. The principles of conservation and efficiency will be applied to the design of the entire community. Also, the community will promote the conservation of both water and energy technologies used in all of the common living areas.

Al Brende, a co-founder of Land Tejas said,

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  1. What a great thing this developer is doing going green and good for Texas lead the way to show how to do it!

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